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Successful shopping and a nice surprise

July 15th, 2006 at 04:41 pm

This was a good day. I had a $20 gift card to use at Kroger, which I got for transferring a prescription there last week. I bought groceries totalling $42, so I spent $22 above the card. Ironically, I also saved $22 by using coupons (some of which were tripled) and by selecting the sale items. So I guess you could say I got $64 worth of groceries for $22.

I also got my bill from the gas company, and my budget bill has been reduced from $118 to $75. Quite a difference!

My lawn got mowed again, so that was another $30.

Before today, I had three no-spend days in a row!

However, it looks like I will have to take my dog to the vet on Monday. There's something wrong with his paw. He's limping and clearly not feeling well. Doesn't seem to be an emergency situation, thank goodness! Now THAT'S expensive!

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