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July 19th, 2006 at 03:46 am

I haven't logged in in a few days. Life is plodding along. I got two reimbursements on Monday, which made me happy. I've probably said it before, but why does it make you so happy to get your own money back?

Monday was a no-spend day. Tuesday I spent $150 at the dentist for a checkup and x-rays (and I don't have to go back for six months, yay!), $8 for lunch out with my fellow workers, and $11 for gag gifts for a social event that's coming up at work. I volunteered to get the gifts, mainly to help out the organizer, but also to contribute. I was hoping to get them for less, but they are cool gifts that I think the "winners" will appreciate.

A co-worker gave me a beautiful brand new blouse/tank top combo that she did not feel flattered her. She knew I liked to shop second-hand, so she felt she could offer it to me without offense. Heck yes! I haven't tried it on yet, but it looks like it will fit. It's so pretty I'm thinking that if I could find the right skirt it would work for the wedding I'm going to next month.

I also got a host of samples in the mail.

I haven't taken the dog to the vet yet, since he seems better, but it's still on my radar.

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