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A windfall

July 20th, 2006 at 04:31 pm

I got another medical reimbursement today. They're all coming at once. I'm going to use my "windfall" this weekend to get some things on my list that are "later" items. To explain, I keep an ongoing list of things I need. Every week I pick out the things I REALLY need and the rest goes onto the "later" list -- for when I've got a little extra. My little extra has finally arrived!

We had a party at work today, for which I provided the prizes, just cute little gimmicky things from Wal-Mart. I wrapped each one in a different paper (all leftover scraps)-- and piled them in a bright paper tote I had saved from a box lunch. It looked very festive and I didn't spend anything on giftwrap or gift bags, which is often my downfall. Then, to my surprise, several co-workers offered to chip in for the cost of the prizes, so this really didn't cost me much at all.

I got a free Greenies sample in the mail today along with a great coupon book for Greenies products. I plan to take it to PetSmart and get a bunch of things to put in a gift basket for my cousin. She is a huge dog-lover and appreciates gifts for her "babies" more than anything for herself! I'll take it as a bread & butter gift when I visit next week.

I also got a trial Netflix offer in the mail. I haven't really looked it over yet, but I love movies -- I'll check it out.

Today and yesterday were both no-spend days.

1 Responses to “A windfall”

  1. Dido Says:

    Netflix is great. If you do go for the trial, a word of advice: opt for the 3-at-a-time, unlimited option for your free period. Then at any time during that period, go to "my account" and change it to the option that you really want--I usually go for the $9.99/month one-at-a-time unlimited option. Netflix allows you to change your account once a month on the payment date, so if I know I have a holiday coming up, I'll change to the higher rate plan just for the one month, then change back, so as to maximize the movies I can see when I have time to see them.

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