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Shoe shopping and more

August 5th, 2006 at 08:16 pm

Today was a shopping extravaganza. I grabbed my friend at 8 am and talked her into going with me to Kohl's to look for sandals. Well, the deals were great. I ended up buying 5 pairs of shoes (3 pairs of sandals, 1 pair of loafers and 1 pair of heels) for $122. Retail price: $235. I also found a much-needed bathroom rug marked down to $21 from $30. Then we headed to the clothing section, where I found two gauzy blouses, a silky skirt, black gauchos and a red polo shirt for $63. Retail price: $172. Despite the spending, which makes me nervous, I'm happy because I found so many things I really needed. My shoe collection was in bad shape, and my summer wardrobe was nothing to brag about either. I do most of my clothes shopping at Goodwill, which is a great place, but it's hard to find clothing staples there; you just have to get lucky.

My friend, by the way, spent about twice as much as I did.

I also bought a breakfast sandwich at Steak 'n' Shake (~$3) and some groceries for $7.79 (after using a $5 gift card I got for a rebate).

Now I must become a Frugal Monster. With very nice shoes.

2 Responses to “Shoe shopping and more”

  1. Bookie Says:

    Ha ha ha ha. Five pairs of shoes! It looks like you did really well on your shopping expedition. Sounds like something I'd do -- not the shoes but the major hit in saving mode. Smile
    I really don't care to shop, so when I'm driven to do so, I make I won't need to go again soon. Always on sale and always sensible, but . . .

    Wear it all in good health and enjoy.

  2. yummy64 Says:

    Woo hoo shoe shopping. I did three pairs a couple weeks ago and spend more on those three pairs then you did on your 5 pairs so in my books "you rock"!

    Nothing like having one's shoe wardrobe back up to "par"!

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