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Morning has broken

August 11th, 2006 at 11:17 am


I stayed up late last night, walked 40 minutes in oppressive heat to get back to the hotel, and now I'm up at 7 for a new round of meetings. Ah, conferences.

I spent $31 last night for dinner. I was part of a group from my state who got together for a sort of meet and greet dinner. We went to Disney Downtown and ate at the Fulton Crab House (?) Great food, but expensive. I had a bowl of soup and a crab cake for my $31. But it did fill me up.

I think my per diem for dinner last night was $24-25, so I didn't come in under. Good thing I did so well the day before.

1 Responses to “Morning has broken”

  1. CheaplyClever Says:

    Welcome home! I hope you have had a chance to catch-up from your trip.

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