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No gas, no spending

November 4th, 2006 at 01:55 pm

Yesterday turned out to be a no-spend day, even though I was planning on buying gas. I got to the gas station; then realized I didn't have my pursewith me. By the time I went back home to pick up my purse, it was too late to do anything but go straight to work.

This morning I will have to remember to get gas first thing. I will also do my Kroger shopping today. I got a coupon in the mail for $5 off on $50 worth of groceries. I plan to make $50 worth of good choices (but no more). That way the coupon will be at its ultimate value. I really need to do some stocking up anyway. I also got a bunch of other coupons, some of which will be useful, and some that won't.

I found .26 yesterday -- a penny on the ground, and a quarter in the car I used from the motor pool!

My son called last night tell me that if his wife has not delivered by November 14, they will induce labor. So he told me to plan on coming next Saturday, unless the baby comes before then -- in which case I will head out there right away. Nice to have a plan.

It's real! I will have a grandson in my arms by November 14!

Meals yesterday:

Breakfast: Toast, orange, coffee
Snack: Nutty bars (free at work)
Lunch: Lean Cuisine (cheese ravioli), brownie
Dinner: Peas, bread & gravy, milk

2 Responses to “No gas, no spending”

  1. ldyfaile Says:

    I did something similar yesterday. Pulled up at the gas station, tried to find my wallet, no luck. Checked every jacket pocket and around the passenger seat. Got out of line, went to meet a friend for lunch (I had a free meal coupon so I could still do that at least) and as I got out of the car I noticed my wallet in my pants pocket (where I usually don't put it). Then got gas near where we had lunch (four cents more per gallon, I figure that was my punishment for being forgetful although it was still cheaper than the last time I got gas) and found out I was on fumes. I have a 13 gallon tank and it took 13.17 gallons. I try really hard not to run it down that low. Ugh.

  2. janh Says:

    Oh Wow. A grandson! Talk about a gift for the holidays! I bet this week or so will go real fast. Give them our best wishes.

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