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Doggy problem, car repair, and a pledge

November 7th, 2006 at 10:35 am

The night before last my dog peed in the bed. I think he had just had to hold it too long, and he's getting old. I hope that's all it is. It wasn't a big spot, more like a leak. I washed all the bedding and went to bed last night crossing my fingers. I had walked him (which I've been pretty bad about lately, putting him out on his chain instead). I also let him out as late in the evening as I was able to stay up. He jumped up in the bed at 4:30 a.m., and I immediately started feeling around for wet spots. I decided to get up and let him out, which confused him, but the bed is dry, and now I have a couple extra hours before work! I'll probably pay for it later in the day, but what the heck. I was having bad dreams anyway.

I took my car in for brake work yesterday evening, so I have to catch the bus this morning. I was not delighted to see that it is raining, but maybe it will let up by the time I have to go.

I didn't spend anything yesterday, but I did make a $175 pledge to my alma mater. It won't come out of my budget until I set up the payments. I may have them take it out of my checking account monthly, mainly because I don't want to eradicate the gift budget this month. I am planning to buy my son and his wife some groceries next week after they bring home the baby.

Meals yesterday:

Breakfast: Scrambled egg & sausauge in pita pocket, orange juice, coffee

Lunch: Barbecue sandwich, salad, cookie, diet coke (free at work)

Dinner: Turkey & lettuce in pita pocket, ice cream, milk

1 Responses to “Doggy problem, car repair, and a pledge”

  1. fairy74 Says:

    Congratulations on the grandbaby, that is very thoughtful gift to do for your DS and DDIL. Good also that your doggie seems to be doing better.

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