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November 28th, 2006 at 12:06 pm

I am back at home and it was back to work yesterday. I had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend with my family -- not without its frustrations, but overall, a very good time. I spent a lot more than I wanted to, but that is just part of the equation. I had to get a hotel room AND board my dog. I contributed quite a bit toward the meal. At month's end I will recap.

The only non-holiday related spending was $5.30 for a sweater from a consignment shop. It was on the clearance rack, and it will go with a skirt I have that needed a top. So it was a good buy all round.

My sister is still here; she will fly back to NC tomorrow. She has held up her share of the cost -- paid for two days of the hotel, a tank of gas, and for a quite expensive lunch out.

Tonight my son is coming over and we will have chicken salad and corn casserole; then probably play a few last card games before my sister heads back.

December looks to be busy and expensive as well. On the weekend of the 16th I'm going to Chicago with friends, mainly to go to tea at the Drake Hotel, but to take in some Christmas atmosphere, too. Then, on the 21st, I will drive to Atlanta, meet my sister there, and we will spend the night and go on to Punta Gorda, Florida the next day. We'll spend about a week there with my cousins and aunt & uncle. I'll have to be back to work on the 2nd, but I'm not yet sure when I will come back.

The really nice thing about this Christmas is that I'll get to see my grandson again. He'll be in Florida, too. His first trip! With all this traveling, gifts are not a huge priority. I will give money to my kids, and a few toys and a bond to my grandson.

Meals yesterday:

Breakfast: Pumpkin spice cake (leftover from Thanksgiving), coffee, milk

Lunch: Deviled egg, pizza appetizer, clam chowder, crab cake, fries, 1/2 piece truffle pie (restaurant)

Dinner: Roasted chicken, vegetable medley, mashed potatoes, milk

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  1. janH Says:

    Glad you had a safe trip and a great time!

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