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November recap

December 1st, 2006 at 12:06 pm

Despite my sinking feeling that I had spent way too much in November, it wasn't really out of line. Here is a recap:

I spent $2874 all together, which is below my average ($2,937).

The biggest chunks, not counting mortgage, utilities, car payment & CC's were:

$330 for gifts
$287 for vacation/travel
$235 for car repair
$164 for groceries

The areas in which I paid less than last month were:

Loan repayment (that's not good!)
Home improvement
Vet/pet supplies
Household supplies

So I guess I did compensate for the unusual gift & vacation costs. I'm feeling pretty good.

Yesterday I spent $15 more on gifts and $45 for a train ticket to Chicago. My plans for tea at the Drake Hotel are scotched, however! They take reservations, and they are full up for the day we're going. So, as of now, my buddies and I are thinking of lunch at Pierrot Gourmet at the Peninsula Hotel and a visit to the Christkindlmarket. I hope the weather isn't bad by the 16th. It's bad in Chicago today, but it hasn't really hit us in Indiana yet.

Meals yesterday:

Breakfast: Corn muffins, yogurt, cider, coffee
Lunch: Sante Fe rice & bean soup, Cheese Nips
Snack: Popcorn
Dinner: Chicken salad sandwich, cider

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