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Progress on the floor

December 19th, 2006 at 12:32 pm

I put $950 on one of my credit cards yesterday as a deposit for the new flooring. If I am careful, I will be able to pay it off next month, and with luck the balance will not be applied till the following month. The new floor will not be installed until after the New Year, since I will be out of town between the 22nd and the 1st.

I also spent $15.60 on stamps for my Christmas cards, ~$25 on prescriptions, and $3.22 for new pictures of my grandson.

Today I am going out to lunch with my boss, but I will try to keep it very modest. I get two free lunches this week at work, so going out today is not too much of a burden. Meanwhile, I am methodically eating up all the perishables at home.

On Friday I am headed to Florida, with an overnight stop in Atlanta. I am really looking forward to seeing my sister, cousins, aunt & uncle AND my kids and grandson in the sunny south!

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