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January Recap

February 3rd, 2007 at 11:29 pm

January was a blowout month for me. I spent $3594, which is a new high -- more than $400 over my average spending last year. The biggest expenditure was $1061 on home improvement -- no surprise, that mostly went to new flooring. Other categories:
Mortgage - 760
Utilties - 325 (includes phone & cable)
Car Payment - 270
Furniture & Equipment - 254
Credit Card payments - 206
Groceries - 174
Gifts - 130
Eating Out - 69
Gas - 50
Insurance - 47
Household Supplies - 37
Miscellaneous - 34
Fees/Services - 32
Clothing - 31
Medical/Health - 28
Car Repair/Maintenance - 26
Personal - 20
Entertainment - 20
Vet/Pet Supplies - 18
Snacks - 2

If you take out the unusual expense of buying a new floor and microwave, it isn't so bad.

The furniture & equipment category included having a new microwave installed, as well as a new kitchen rug, a new comforter, a vaporizer and a can opener.

I also had 9 no-spend days in January, which is pretty good for me.

I started out February by spending again on my favorite splurge, gifts. I sent flowers to my daughter-in-law on her first day back to work after maternity leave (she was feeling really sad about taking the baby to daycare) - $38. And I bought a teddy bear and balloon for a friend who just finished chemo - $12. I've reconciled myself that gifts are important to me, and I am willing to make cuts in other areas as long as I can continue to give to others when I really want to.

This weekend I am staying home and I'm not planning to venture out at all. It's bitterly cold outside. I've been cooking -- I made some broccoli cheese soup and cooked off a bunch of ground beef, and froze the cooked meat in 1-cup portions. Living alone, it can be a challenge to cook for one, but I think having meat in the freezer in small portions will help a lot.

My one regret is that I didn't make a library stop before the weekend began. I have only one book, so I'll have to pace myself! I'm watching TV more than usual -- "Groundhog Day" was on this morning, and, ironically, I don't mind seeing that movie again and again. I think it carries a great message about making the most of your life day by day.

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  1. JanH Says:

    Your loving to splurge on gift giving is awesome. You can brighten up people's lives with just a small gift. I love matching gifts to people!

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