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Winter blues

February 7th, 2007 at 11:05 pm

Before it was a deep freeze. Now it is a deep freeze with lots of snow. Brrrr! I wish I could report that winter weather has curbed my spending, but I continue to spend without going anywhere!

I bought a ticket to fly to Kansas City in March, so I can visit with son, DIL and grandson. It was a good price so I grabbed it -- $118.

Then my office ordered lunch in for a birthday celebration. My portion was $7, plus another $3 to chip in for the birthday folks.

My son's birthday was on the 6th, but since the snow was plummeting down yesterday, I canceled our dinner out. We will get together for lunch or dinner this weekend.

Meanwhile I just burrow in every evening. My office is cold -- even when I dress in layers I am practically shivering. It is a relief to come home and just get under blankets and vegetate.

Tonight I will have a frugal dinner of red beans & rice. I hope to make this a record low month for grocery spending. I've already spent $30-something but from now on I will try to make the most minimal purchases I can. I've got to cut back somewhere, so groceries it is!

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  1. fern Says:

    I often enjoy a meal of kidney beans and rich and find it very tasty! Legumes provide the protein and the fiber, rice, the carbs.

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