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News from snow country

February 15th, 2007 at 12:40 am

Speaking to you live from under the snowdrifts...

The snow in my driveway came up to my waist! The snow on my patio was at tabletop level!

It started snowing yesterday and just wouldn't stop. Then it blew around all night. Work was canceled yesterday afternoon and all day today. Woo-hoo! I spent most of the morning, however, shoveling the drive. I will be sore tomorrow, but I got some incredible exercise!

Once I dug out, I went to the grocery store (and it was not mobbed -- that must have been earlier!) I spent $58.37. I totally forgot I was going to challenge myself to spend only $50 the rest of the month! I made some good buys though -- I got a nice big piece of round steak for $1.89 a lb. and I stocked up on mackerel and brown rice, both on sale. I use a lot of both, as my dog eats them (I make his food and do not buy commercial dog food). Also, part of my spending was $13.50 for two OXO mixing bowls. They were marked down and I've been wanting them for a long time. So I haven't really overspent my grocery budget. But the bowls will be my only splurge this month.

Other than that, no financial news. Tomorrow the temperature is supposed to drop, so the weather excitement is not over. I am feeling very glad to be safe and warm inside.

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