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Free food, new shades & Netflix

February 20th, 2007 at 11:13 pm

Yesterday a colleague retired and the department threw a bash. The hors d'oevres were substantial enough to make dinner unnecessary. It got even better today -- there were enough leftovers in the breakroom fridge to make a very nice lunch! In fact, today's dinner was only some cheese and crackers because I was not very hungry.

Also yesterday, I spent $156 for prescription sunglasses -- but it will be reimbursed from flexible spending. I like the sunglasses -- I think they make me look very cool for a granny. Smile

Today I spent nothing, and overall it's been a pretty quiet month financially.

Oh -- I did sign up for a free trial of Netflix today. I signed up for the $4.99 plan, because I have a funny feeling I'm going to like the service. One DVD at a time is fine with me.

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