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First day of vacation

March 17th, 2007 at 02:17 pm

Here I am in Kansas City! Grandson and his mom & dad are peacefully sleeping. I had lots of quality time with grandson yesterday and got some nice smiles. He's five months old and cute as the dickens.

I stayed to the resolutions I made about my trip here. I drove & parked at the airport, bought nothing at the airport, and packed light. I do have a confession to make; when I considered whether to drive & park or take the shuttle, I forgot to factor in the gas! Duh. So actually, the shuttle would have been cheaper, but, in fact, I couldn't take it because my flight left so early in the morning. The first shuttle run would have got me there only a half-hour before takeoff, so it was never really an option.

After arriving in Kansas City, I went with my son to the library (he's a big reader like me, and is totally converted to the library now). Grandson came along in his "bucket" and seemed to enjoy the library as well!

Soon it was time for lunch, so we met my daughter-in-law at Wendy's (she was working and I hadn't seen her yet). I treated them; it was $16 for some pretty healthy salads and a sandwich; a pretty good deal, I thought.

Then I asked them what the baby needed, and the answer was pants! He has been going through a spell of ruining his pants with -- well, you know what. So we went to Old Navy and I got three pairs and a cute little jacket as well for $31. I applied for a credit card to get a 10% discount -- in hindsight probably not worth the hassle -- but I also got some coupons which I gave to my daughter-in-law, as she is an Old Navy fan.

Then we stopped at Border's because it was nearby and I wanted to get pick up a bag of coffee. My kids don't drink coffee, so didn't have it on hand. Border's was switching from one brand to another so I was able to get a bag of premium beans for half-price, and they ground it, too! $4.83 all told.

Then we came home for some down-time and naps. My son ran an anti-spyware program on my computer, and it is running much better. Soon my daughter-in-law came home and we had a very frugal and tasty dinner of dirty rice. After the baby went to bed we watched "North Country," snacking on popcorn, then all went to bed.

I have a totally unrelated question. Did anyone else make the online purchase through PayPal which promised a $15 rebate? I never got the $15. I wonder if I did something wrong....

3 Responses to “First day of vacation”

  1. Frayed Buckeye Card Says:

    Did you request a S.S. discount at Wendy's ? It is worth a 10 percent reduction on bill.

  2. moi aussi Says:

    Hi Carolina Bound! Have a great time with your grandson. 5 months! They are sooo cute at this time. I got to see my neice when she was about that old and she was precious!!! Are you in Kansas City, Kansas or Missouri? or am I just confused that there's a Kansas City in both states? :P
    Have a wonderful vacation!!!

  3. Carolina Bound Says:

    Buckeye - Do you mean a senior citizen discount? I didn't even think of it! Do they consider senior citizens to be age 55 and up at Wendy's or do you have to be 65? Or are you talking about something else entirely?

    Moi Aussi - I am actually in a suburb, Prairie Village, Kansas. My kids moved here from Kansas City, Missouri last year. Yes, there is a Kansas City in both states, but it is basically the same city divided by a river. Causes a lot of problems, especially for all those people who live and work in different states!

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