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I bought some rolls

March 27th, 2007 at 01:05 am

I bought some rolls -- some time ago, from a little boy who came to the door. They are from a local restaurant, famous around here for their wonderful homemade rolls. The little boy has called a several times over the last few months to collect his money. He always gets me at work, and I tell him to come and collect after five. He doesn't come. I don't get my rolls. I'm waiting for him again tonight. I'm not out any money and it's not a matter of national security whether I get my rolls or not, but I would like closure!

That's just what's on my mind tonight. Financial news -- I called a realtor today and she will come and look at the house this Saturday. I'm not near ready to put it on the market, but I'd like to get a professional opinion.

I spent nothing today (unless I get my rolls!) and I think I've racked up quite a few no spend days this month.

Next month, I plan to pay off a couple of credit cards (all new debt, from the remodeling). That will leave me an impressive $27 a week to spend! (After bills, of course.) Should be interesting.

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