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Naughty dog

April 5th, 2007 at 02:28 pm

Yesterday -- or I should say the night before last -- my dog removed his bandage. (If you're not up to date on my blog, he had surgery on Monday to remove a toe that was infected). I had to take him back to the vet, and they had to sedate him again to put on a new bandage. $41. They sent him home with an Elizabethan collar over his head. He spent the night wearing it, but in the morning he couldn't get back downstairs -- the collar is so long it tripped him up when he looked down. It also makes it almost impossible for him to eat or drink because it knocks the bowls over. So I took it off. I had taken it off and put it back on successfully the evening before, but this morning he simply would not let me. I didn't want to get bit, so I called the vet and asked if bitter apple on the bandage would help. They reluctantly agreed that it might. I don't think they understand how hard I tried to get that collar back on. Forty minutes of frustration and tears! Well, now the bandage is tasting pretty bitter (I assume) and I will hope for the best. The bitter apple was $7.47.

Also, since I've talked to you last, I've gone out to lunch (birthday event at work). Spent only $6.29 including tip, and had enough left over for my dog's dinner. I also bought a baby shower gift online, $36.88, including shipping. The shower is for my nephew's wife and is being held next weekend in a neighboring state. At this point I am planning to make the trip, even though it is inconvenient timing, because I haven't seen my relatives there since Thanksgiving.

I'm feeling pretty gloomy about finances in general; my credit card debt is higher due to the home repair, and I keep having unexpected expenses. My emergency fund disappeared into the house months ago. It makes me wonder, do you have to be wealthy to sell a house these days? The expectations of buyers are so high. I guess that's what it's like in a buyer's market.

Today I am scraping glue off the walls where I stripped off wallpaper. Awful job. I'll never be a house flipper!

4 Responses to “Naughty dog”

  1. Sunshine Suz Says:

    I am trying to help my daughter get her house ready to sell. It IS hard work.

    Here's positive thoughts that both yours and hers will sell really fast, once on the market.

    And I totally sympathize with you on the two big doggie girls myself who always seem to be getting into something. Oh, BUT last time the vet used an ace bandage that was blue and had stars on it......does that make it work better?!?!!? Geeze!!!

  2. carol Says:

    Do I ever understand the frustration of contrary pets!!! I'm about ready to climb the wall with my Flame Point Siamese cat.

    I had stated in an eariler post that he came home looking like he had been in a to the death fight with another cat. I missed the boat on that one. We took him to a local vet the next morning and came to find out over the course of the day that said kitty had been hit in the face with a 22 short bullet that was intended to go between his eyes but our cat jerked his head at the last second so bullet ended traveling up nose and exiting out thru right cheek breaking jaw. Infection had started setting in.
    I'm still so mad about someone doing that to our cat that the idea of chewing nails sounds like a good one to me at this point.

    What a very good thing I had already started a home personal savings and had $40 in quarters that I could pull out to give SO to give to vet so diagnoses and treatment could be started. Thankfully the next day was when we both got our checks because the balance due was $210 for surgery and follow up visit. Total amount paid: $250. YIKES!!!! That threw
    our family finances and my personal savings for a total loop and then some. The good news is that kitty got immediate and excellent treatment and pulled thru with flying colors. He is now home but is driving
    me up wall with that Siamese cry to go "out". He refuses the slurry that he was sent home with to lick up instead of dry kibble since his jaw is wired and pinned. Stubborn cat! He is trying every trick in the book and then some to get out either the front door or the newly installed back door from the garage. Also he does not want to use the two litter boxes and never mind that I have cleaned them up and put in all brand new fresh litter as well as swept up the carpets and floor all around said litter boxes. Contrary animal!

    I am ready to climb a wall.

  3. Carolina Bound Says:

    I know! Isn't it so frustrating when all you want to do is help them and they thwart you every way they can!

    That's really awful that someone actually shot your cat. There are a lot of creepy people out there.

  4. carol Says:

    Thanks Carolina, I needed to hear those words of support. I agree, there are some really creepy people living here in our town. We are quietly but actively staying on this, because who ever did this evidently got close to him with a 22 short with the intent of killing him and in all likelyhood will try again. Someone that sick nearly always steps it up to children next. We have two close by neighbors with cats that they dearly love and a couple more with small dogs that they love. This person/s must get tracked down. Someone like this is a menace to everyone.

    Update on Cloud Warrior(injured kitty). He finally settled down and is now using litter boxes. Puts his ears back every time, but he is using them. He is finally eating on his own. We have those cans of Friskies Beef slices with gravy, and this morning he tore into one of those. He couldn't eat very much of the soft beef slices, but he licked up all of the gravy. We also got some Ensure for cats down him by plastic syringe and his oral antibiotics by different plastic syringe. What a good thing he trusts us so completely, because we are able to flip him over on his back and cradle him like a baby, while the other adult gives him meds and Ensure.

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