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Met with the realtor

April 10th, 2007 at 10:40 am

I met with my realtor again last night and she gave me the valuation. It was right on the mark of what I expected -- asking price $97,000; worst case scenario $85,000. (I won't actually go that low. I would take if off the market and wait a year before I would do that.) Despite being prepared, I was very sad and depressed when I went to bed last night. Today I feel better, so I guess I'm just going through emotional cycles as I work through this process of moving away.

I still have lots of work to do. The wallpaper is almost down now, just a few strips to go. The steamer actually didn't turn out to work as well as just using DIF, though I think it helps to pre-loosen it. I think it will be really helpful when I have to scrape the glue off the wall.

My realtor really wants the house on the market by the first of May. That's only a few weeks away. I wish I had more time; it is very stressful. My handyman, who said he could start on Monday, didn't show up. He is like that. I should get someone else, but he is a family friend and kind of a sad case. He did say that nothing on the list was very time-consuming except for the wall prep, which I am doing myself.

My dog is adjusting to being a "cone-head." He has learned how to eat and drink and how to get up and down the stairs. He still bangs around and knocks things over, but he's getting better, and his attitude is better. Still, we will both be thrilled when I get to take it off on Friday. It is nice that his bandage is staying intact and I don't have to worry about it.

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