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Just a daily rambling...

May 1st, 2007 at 11:15 pm

I had a no-spend day going, but I decided I MUST stop at Wal-Mart and get some Shout. I'm going to try to save my stained khakis, even though I know it's a slim chance the ball-point ink will come out. Maybe I can dye them dark if it doesn't work. Anyway, that was $2.41. I paid with change from the garage sale. I have a lot of change, I'm going to have to work it down.

I got my $15 refund from PayPal for buying a $30 pot on via PayPal. I had totally given up on getting that money, so it was a nice surprise. I'm going to put it on the credit card next month -- the one I supposedly pay off every month, but since I've been fixing up the house, it's getting harder and harder to pay it off.

My handyman did not come and fix the ceiling today, so I gave him a reminder call. I hate to be at someone else's beck and call. He does work for a lot less than the professional handymen, but it's a lot of work to get him to work! He does do a nice job, though.

Tomorrow I am committed to eating out with my boss, and the day after we're having a "welcome lunch" at a restaurant for a new employee. It amazes me how much other people eat lunch out. I amaze them because I bring my lunch every day.

I'm wondering, though, if I'll eat out more when the house goes on the market. I'll have to keep it clean every day, which means I might want to do less food preparation. Especially since I have this black range that is so hard to clean. It gets smeary.

I had a bit of a diet victory last night. After dinner I figured out the average number of calories I ate every day in April. Then I got hungry! I wanted to eat again so bad, but I didn't want to have to refigure. Finally, I told myself I would eat at midnight if I was still hungry and it could go on the next day's count. Well, I made it; I was asleep at midnight and I didn't eat again until breakfast this morning. It wasn't so bad. I don't know why hunger freaks me out so -- I know I'm not going to starve!

4 Responses to “Just a daily rambling...”

  1. homebody Says:

  2. homebody Says:

    Ha ha about the hunger. Hey have you tried hairspray on the ink? Just a thought, put a clean rag underneath the stain and spray. OxyClean also works miracles. I have an ink stain on a nice zip up hoody that showed up at my house. I should try soaking that tonight in Oxyclean and see how it does.

    Oxyclean got 5 year old chocolate ice cream stains out of my youngest daughter's white first communion dress (yes I hung it up and forgot about it until I was cleaning out her closet many years later!).

    Good luck!

  3. Amber Says:

    Glad you got the moey from paypal. I am one of those people who eat out and it amazes me Frown some times I have great months when I bring my lunch and months when I eat out breakfast, lunch and dinner

  4. JanH Says:

    I, also, have used hairspray on ink. Been so long now, that I don't remember if it came completely out. I need to try the oxyclean.

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