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My first no spend day in May!

May 4th, 2007 at 10:16 pm

Yesterday I did a little spending at Wal-Mart -- about $6 for "sundries," and also went out for a $15 lunch -- didn't have any control over that one, it was a work event. Nice, but I rarely pay $15 for a lunch! But today was a no-spender.

I made a $200 error in my check register -- the wrong way, of course. Thank goodness I check my account online everyday, because I caught it before I was charged any fees. But I had to transfer the money from savings, which is a bummer. It's funny I didn't notice that I had $200 extra to play with when I was paying my bills.

I called ServiceMaster today to make an appointment to clean my living room carpet. I discussed the kitty potty problem with the lady on the phone and decided that I really need to check out the pad before I try to clean the carpet. If the pad has been soaked, then cleaning the carpet would only pull that crud up through it. So I'm having someone come next Tuesday to pull back the corner and take a look. I'm sure it is soaked, judging from what happened to the other carpets. So more money out the door. However, I don't want to knowingly sell damaged goods to someone else.

I also have to paint the bedroom ceiling. It was patched, and I thought the patch didn't show, but in a good light it does. I'm going to have my handyman do it. I have had lots of trouble with rotator cuff injuries and I am afraid to try holding a roller over my head.

The bathroom needs another coat of paint, and some of the trim needs another coat, too. But I am really close now. Once I get those things done -- and get the house clean -- I can put it on the market.

No work tonight, though. Once I close up this laptop, I'll kick back and read. I'm reading a really good book on Mary Todd Lincoln; I think it's called "The Emancipator's Wife."

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  1. honeichild Says:

    That is one thing I have learned to do, check my account every morning. I dont like surprises. Good thing you caught it.

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