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Home showings and financial consequences

May 28th, 2007 at 09:45 pm

My house has been on the market almost a week and I have had three "lookers" already. I haven't had any feedback yet on what they thought.

I have to get my dog out of the house for each appointment. So far I've been lucky. The first time I just took him for a walk in the park. The second time it was raining, so I drove to Cracker Barrel and had brunch, while he stayed in the car. (It was cool enough). The third time, today, I took him to my son's house and then the two of us went to see Shrek III. I know that eventually I will have to take him to the kennel or the vet and pay for the privilege -- those times when I know someone will come and look, but not what time. So far that hasn't happened yet.

Everyone warned me that keeping the house clean was going to be a nightmare, but actually it's much better than the fixing-up stage. I'm developing some good habits. Maybe I'll always be neat after this!

I've been eating out more than usual -- not really intentionally, but I am more inclined to accept invitations because I won't dirty the kitchen. Everything I cook is simple and I clean it up right away. I'm not making anything that calls for a lot of preparation. So I'm sure I will end up spending more on food while I am in this selling mode.

On Saturday I went with friends to Panera and then to an ice cream shop. Spent $7 at Panera; the ice cream was a treat. Yesterday I had brunch at Cracker Barrel for about $8 and dinner at MCL for about $13. Today I spent $13.50 on the movie, since I treated my son. I also spent $10 on a car wash today.

The Memorial Day barbecue I was planning to attend didn't work out -- rather, I'm sure the barbecue worked out okay, but my friends and I didn't get coordinated, so we ended up not going. Since I had a house showing, that worked out for the best.

5 Responses to “Home showings and financial consequences”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Why does the dog have to be out of the house? I just shut mine up in the garage.

  2. JanH Says:

    Good luck on the house showings! I hope you get offers real soon.

  3. homebody Says:

    Oldest daughter's house went on the market about 3 weeks ago and I have her dog with me. Lola would go nuts with someone in the house and besides I'm sure people want to see the whole house, including the garage. Good luck, may the real estate power be with us(since we own half of OD's house)! Ha Ha.

  4. MickeyMickey Says:

    Let me just say that not everyone likes animals. When I and other family members have house hunted in the past, if there was any indication of a pet (food bowl, etc.) we would immediately cross that house off of our list.

  5. Carolina Bound Says:

    Julie, my dog is fairly big (about 65-70 lbs) and pretty rambunctious. If I put him in the garage, he would probably bark (loudly) the whole time. It's much better to just get him out, even though it's a bit more trouble for me.

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