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Woo-hoo! Got my mouse back!

July 19th, 2007 at 03:50 pm

The computer type, not the gray fuzzy type. This morning I finally got my laptop set up on a desk and attached to a mouse and printer. I have been doing computer work on my lap since I moved, and while that is not bad, I am glad to have the mouse back!

Also this morning I arranged to have my pension payments directly deposited into my new bank account. I am slowly getting there. Soon I will be a true NC resident!

My cousin and I did make the trip to Best Buy yesterday, and the customer service rep couldn't have been nicer. We were able to get store credit for the doodads we didn't need, even though they were purchased more than 30 days ago, because they had not been opened. Store credit isn't cash, but I am sure we will need stuff at Best Buy again, and it will be used. Now we just have to be more informed about what we really need when we make a purchase.

We also stopped at a furniture warehouse that was going out of business, and found four chairs -- one for my desk (I'm sitting on it now!) and three for the table in the sunroom. (Because of the way the table is situated in the corner, it looks better with three chairs than four. When we need a fourth, we can pull in an extra from the study.) The three chairs do not match in style but they are all oak and look good together. The cost for all four chairs -- $280!

No plans for today other than doing laundry and a game of cards this afternoon with my sister and her husband. Retirement is great!

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  1. Ima saver Says:

    Glad you are enjoying yourself!!

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