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July Recap

August 3rd, 2007 at 11:55 pm

July was quite a month for me. My move was completed in June, but July brought many transition expenses.

After paying off all my credit cards in June, I still had bills trickling in for final payments, which totaled $98. Likewise, last utility payments came to $138.

Vet bills came to $555, and included microchipping my cat, getting his teeth worked on, and a big supply of Rimadyl for my dog's arthritis.

I bought a new headboard for my bed, and many small items such as a laundry sorter, shoe rack, and drawer organizers. I also ended up buying a new TV/DVD player and a stand. All told, I spent $488 on furniture & equipment.

My really big bill was for health/medical. I spent $2352, most of which was my insurance premium for the rest of the year. I also filled a prescription for about $25.

I took a vacation in Kansas City with my kids. It was $448 for airfare and food.

I paid $526 to settle up my homeowner's insurance, which had been bundled with my mortgage payment.

My other expenses were pretty normal. $70 for gifts, $26 for eating out, $26 for gas, $58 for household supplies & miscellaneous, $17 for a haircut and personal items, $32 for entertainment (Netflix, a movie, books), $31 to get my oil changed.

All told I spent $4865! Way more than usual, and my income is less! But this month will be more normal and I'll get a more realistic picture.

Oh, and I had a grand total of 3 no-spend days. That will change this month, too.

I am proud to report that I spent only $315 of my cousin's $$ for groceries. My goal was to come in less than $400. She was previously spending $5-600 just on herself. I hope she isn't feeling too deprived -- in my opinion we have had some wonderful meals, but I'm sure my frugal ways have been a shock to her. She was pleased with the cost, though!

2 Responses to “July Recap”

  1. Amber Says:

    Wow 3 no spend days, that is great. I don't think I had 1. Glad you are whining down ok

  2. Ima saver Says:

    Good going on the groceries!!

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