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Errand Day

August 6th, 2007 at 08:42 pm

Now that I'm retired, Monday is my new errand day. So much less stressful than Saturday!

I went to the post office and bought stamps ($8.20), went to the library and checked out four books (one of which is John Middleton's "Detox Your Finances" -- which I'll review for you guys), went to Animal Supply House and bought cat food ($14.10), and got gas ($10.05).

My only "deal" was using a $2 coupon on the cat food. Also, I am topping off the tank whenever gas prices are lower than the last time I filled up -- so I bought gas even though I was only a quarter down. Gas was $2.72 a gallon. I hope it goes lower yet.

On Thursday I am heading out on another trip, this time to Michigan for a family reunion. I'll be driving with my sister, and her son has already offered to pay our hotel bill as an early Christmas present! Woo-hoo!

In other news, my son sold his house in Kansas City, so they are now in packing mode. I feel for them! Just having moved myself, I know what a hassle it is. But I'm so glad they'll be in Chicago -- they will be much more centrally located in terms of family.

2 Responses to “Errand Day”

  1. Aleta Says:

    It is great to see you enjoying your time. For sure, it's so totally different to be at home and to be able to choose when you want to shop and you'll have time to try out all those CD deals before anyone else. Not to mention how much meaningful reading you'll be able to do. I can just imagine that you're looking forward to Fall in your new area.

  2. pearlieq Says:

    Glad to hear your son's home sold! I hope the move goes well.

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