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August Recap

September 1st, 2007 at 07:17 pm

Finally, I am starting to get an idea of what my regular expenses will be in retirement. August was still an expensive month, because of a vacation ($503), car insurance ($287), and various fees connected with getting established in NC ($283). But on regular, monthly expenses I spent only $504, which was well under my goal of $600.

I spent $54 on medical (doctor's bill from a visit in May), $74 on phone (which included some extra charges for having a new account), $68 on vet/pet supplies, $42 for a wall hanging, $72 for gifts, $27 on eating out, $10 on gas, $13 for clothing, $51 for entertainment, $56 on personal items, $10 on household supplies and $13 on miscellaneous.

I'm very proud of the wall hanging. I bought it yesterday at a furniture store that is liquidating its stock. It is a green and white toile tapestry, quite large and heavy. It will cover the fuse boxes in my TV room. It was originally $148 and I got it for $42. It's gorgeous!

I spent $250 on groceries this month, but since my cousin and I were both out of the house on vacation this month, that is not especially low.

I've set up a budget for next month:
$30 - prescription
$40 - phone
$200 - vet (my dog may need minor surgery)
$50 - furniture/equipment
$50 - gifts
$25 - eating out
$40 - entertainment
$40 - personal
$20 - miscellaneous

That is only $525; pretty aggressive.

I also want to spend only $400 of my cousin's money on the groceries. That is aggressive, too, especially since her parents (my aunt and uncles) will be visiting for two weeks. But I will try.

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