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Retirement musings

October 11th, 2007 at 01:27 pm

Retirement has really changed my money outlook. I no longer have this big whomping debt I have to smash up. My expenses are few. I have enough coming in. It's almost weird. I'm realizing that while I was working and a homeowner, I didn't have the means for my (modest) lifestyle, and now it's better.

My biggest challenges will be keeping my emergency fund full and having enough money to travel and visit my children. And to keep my dog and cat healthy.

Recent spending: I treated my uncle and cousin to breakfast at a local diner ($20). I bought a backpack to use while walking ($11). I bought a used book at the library (.25). I bought some birthday gifts for my grandson ($46). I paid my Netflix bill ($18). I got my hair cut ($22). And I bought a jamocaccino at a cafe ($5). That was a waste! It wasn't even very good! But it did give me the leeway to sit and read in comfort while I waited for my cousin to be done with her doctor's visit.

Next month I will make two trips to the Midwest. One for my grandson's first birthday, and the other for Thanksgiving. And in December I am hoping to make a trip to Chicago to meet friends and Christmas shop. So these are the things I need to be saving for.

BTW, it's cold here today! I broke out my turtlenecks!

6 Responses to “Retirement musings”

  1. nance Says:

    You made a great decision when you decided to retire early, and move in with your cousin. Getting out of debt has enabled you to live a more simple, yet rewarding life. What more can we ask for?
    Great job!

  2. Aleta Says:

    How many grandchildren do you have and do you have your children close by? I recall that your son was selling his house.

  3. Carolina Bound Says:

    Thank you, Nance!

    Aleta, my son did sell his house and he is now living in his dad's condo in Chicago while he saves money for a down payment. (He lost money on the house.) He and his wife have one son, my only grandchild. My other son is unmarried, but I have hopes that he'll find a nice girl and present me with grandchildren, too!

  4. fern Says:

    Well, i am very interested in anything retirement-related, especially when it comes to money issues, even tho its' 12 years away for me! So any other insights you have or want to share, feel free!

  5. Aleta Says:

    The reason that I asked is that I became a grandmother to a sweet little girl in December and it seemed as if this was your first as well. Unfortunately, my son, his wife, and the baby are moving in early December towards the Northeast from Florida. Can't tell you how much I'm going to miss them, but I want them to be happy and so goes life.

    I've really been interested in your blog because you give alot of insight into retirement and things that most of us don't think about. I will be there not too long. We appreciate your sharing with us. Thanks!

  6. Carolina Bound Says:

    Congratulations! Yes, I know how hard it is to be away from a grandchild, but you do want the best for your children.

    Thanks for your interest!

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