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Some more purchases

October 22nd, 2007 at 04:12 pm

This week I've spent a little more than usual. I bought a new electric griddle ($21). I didn't move my old one to the new house; it was so old and cruddy. But I found I missed it, so I got a new one at Wal-Mart.

I also bought a sketch pad ($4) and clipcase ($6), hoping to do some spur-of-the-moment sketching. I used to be pretty artistic -- I wonder if that talent is still there?

For my niece's new baby I sent a Wal-Mart gift card ($25) and a greeting card (.48).

While shopping at Lowe's with my cousin, I found a shower caddy ($20). The one I had, while new and in good condition, was too short for tall bottles, and there wasn't anyplace I could set a razor where it wouldn't fall through. It also had no hooks for a pouf! So it just didn't work too well.

My cousin bought me an electric fireplace. I'm sitting in front of it now! It is for my sitting room, which has no vent and is always cold. She insisted on paying, though I did argue with her. It is very cute -- fake cherry wood and about three feet high. It has fake flowing logs and fake flames which really don't look too bad! Wouldn't do for a public area, but it looks great here! And it really pumps out the heat.

I'm off today to do some errands, so there will be a little more spending today, but my total spending this month is $336. Still in line!

2 Responses to “Some more purchases”

  1. Ima saver Says:

    Stay warm!!

  2. nance Says:

    Now, the room will be warm, and cozy. Some of those electric fireplaces look pretty realistic. Enjoy!

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