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February spending

March 1st, 2008 at 02:43 pm

I spent $1245 in February.

$686 - Medical/Health. Included a periodontal treatment, doctor's visit, blood draw and prescriptions.

$184 - Vacation/Travel. Trip to Florida, one-way. I'm still in Florida, so more cost on next month's budget.

$86 - Groceries.

$11 - Gifts.

$45 - Phone bill.

$86 - Furniture/Equipment. Two ink cartridges and a wireless mouse.

$9 - Clothing. Underwear.

$43 - Fees/Services. Most of it for tax preparation.

$18 - Entertainment. Two movies & Netflix rental.

$38 - Household supplies.

$16 - Personal. Included a haircut.

$13 - Vet/Pet Supplies. Cat food & dog treats.

$10 - Gas (not counting gas used on vacation)

Pretty good month, except for the medical expenses. Racked up 12 no-spend days.

1 Responses to “February spending”

  1. campfrugal Says:

    Wow, you are still in Florida. Do you have your own place down there or do you stay with relatives/friends? What area of Florida anf for how long do you stay? I think that might have to be a goal for me, considering how long our Michigan winter has been this season. Yuk for me, but awesome for you. Give me all the details

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