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Good luck at a new-to-me Goodwill

March 7th, 2008 at 06:17 am

Yesterday I visited the Goodwill here in SW Florida for the first time. It was only so-so, but I found two brand-new items -- a Faded Glory top for $5.99 (tag on it for $16), and a Coldwater Creek sweater for $3.99 (tag on it for $54). So my savings were over $60. Unfortunately, I failed to notice that the sweater is "dry clean only." Oh well, I will hand wash it; I'm sure it will be all right.

I went with my aunt & uncle to the memory clinic, which is a totally free service. They had taken a little test and got an evaluation on their memory problems. They were both in the "mild" category, which is good, considering their ages (mid-80's). From here, they can go to a neurologist if they want, but I feel that their mental functioning is pretty darn good.

I also did their taxes for them, so right now I am a very favored niece!

I think I will stay in Florida for another week. Although I am anxious to get back home, I found out that my daughter-in-law will be visiting her cousins in a town about 45 minutes away. She will be bringing my one and only grandson. I haven't seen him since January. I hate to miss any opportunity to see both of them. So I will stay a little longer.

2 Responses to “Good luck at a new-to-me Goodwill”

  1. fern Says:

    Glad your aunt and uncle are ok. Enjoy your family visit!

  2. nance Says:

    Isn't it amazing that someone would pay $54.00 for a sweater and not return it, or give it to a friend or relative, if it didn't fit? I'm glad spendthrifts give great things to Goodwill so people like you and I can purchase them for pennies on the dollar, but still, I wonder how one can be so cavalier with money.

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