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A dog ramp flop

March 8th, 2008 at 12:50 pm

Went to Petco yesterday to buy a ramp for my arthritic dog. He is struggling with the steps on the back stoop here at the Florida house -- and I know the day is coming when he will need a ramp to get in the car. Well, I bought one for about $130, brought it home and set it up. It is so rickety, and it is texturized with something my dog doesn't like. He won't use it. So it's back to Petco for a refund. Sigh.

This morning I grocery-shopped ($127). I was pleased to find at the grocery store a cute soft dinosaur and a set of stacking toy boats, all for under $6. I will see my grandson next week and wanted to have a little something to break the ice. These are perfect, fun but not expensive.

I also succumbed to some cute brownie scouts and bought two boxes of cookies ($7).

Tonight my aunt & uncle are coming over for steaks on the grill and game of cards. I do so enjoy these simple good times!

8 Responses to “A dog ramp flop”

  1. Nic Says:

    When I had my Akita,we used a ramp from PetGear. Very sturdy,heavy too. It folded into thirds and was easy to store in my truck. Good luck w/your dog. Is he on meds for his arthritis?

  2. fern Says:

    Couldn't you go to Home Depot and visit the lumber department? Maybe they'd have a piece of plywood in the right size (or maybe they could cut to size for you) that might act as a much more affordable ramp. I guess it wouldn't be very portable unless you happen to have a rack on your car roof, in which case you might be able to tie the plywood ramp on there with bungee cords while traveling. Maybe this idea would work better on the back stairs since you wouldn't have to move it.

    I was shocked when i went to petco to get a new cat carrier. The new ones are all vinyl and we all know that stuff's made in China and costs .02 but the Sherpa brand Petco sold for 12 lb animals was going for $70; i found a lesser known brand stashed in bach for 1/2 the price, but still, $40 for a small vinyl bag? What a mark-up.

  3. fern Says:

    Just another thought....have you had your dog checked for Lyme Disease? The symptoms it causes would appear to be arthritis. It might not be old age.

  4. Carolina Bound Says:

    My dog is definitely old. He is 14 and a big dog, so he is past his prime. He was taking Rimydal (?) last year, but developed some scary side effects, so he is now on glucosimine-chondroitin and fish oil. He is not too bad on his legs, just a little frail.

    I had not thought of a plywood ramp. I do have a rack on my car, but it might be quite a hassle to get it up there. Anyway, for now I have the option of walking him out the front door, where there are no steps. I'll rethink the ramp when I am back home in NC.

    I am not familiar with PetGear, but we do have a PetSmart and a PetSource I can check out at home.

  5. Nic Says:

    PetGear is an on-line company.
    Ask your vet about giving your dog Bufferin. NOT regular aspirin as it may have curious side effects. Bufferin may ease his pain at half the price.

  6. scfr Says:

    Another place to check is www.petedge.com
    They sale pet supplies at wholesale prices. I have ordered from them and they give great service.
    They have a "small order processing fee" if you go below a certain minimum, but with such a large item you should have no problem going over that.

  7. Dido Says:

    I have a SolvIt telescoping Pet Ramp for Henry (who, alas, now weighs 100 pounds). It's easy to use and sturdy enough for my chunky hunk of hound, and costs about the same as what you paid.

  8. Carolina Bound Says:

    Thank you, all! I will check these things out.

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