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No spender & a near miss for Uncle

March 10th, 2008 at 08:40 am

Had a no-spend day yesterday. My cousin and I were planning to go to the movies, but she didn't feel well enough, so she ordered "Michael Clayton" on PPV. It was good, but I was glad it was on PPV because I had to watch it twice to catch everything!

I also helped my uncle avoid a scam. He is so gullible -- it's really because he is trusting and just can't believe people would lie to him. Anyway, he was all set to get involved with Russ Dalbey's Cash Flow program. I suggested he look up comments about it on the internet first (which never occurred to him). He did, and called my cousin to say, "Why, it's a SCAM!" Thank goodness, he will not be throwing his money away on that.

He feels bad that his daughters have to help him out financially, but it is clearly their pleasure to be able to do it. We all reminded him that he did all the giving when he was raising them, and now it is his turn to receive.

He has not been wasteful with his money, but he is living in a retirement home that is pretty pricey. However, it is so good for him (and my aunt) for both health and social reasons, that we all think it is a priority for them to stay there, despite the cost.

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