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Making some adjustments

March 31st, 2008 at 07:04 am

I made an update to my goals. Added $25 to the dental fund; it's an automatic transfer from checking that B of A does each month. I'll soon add a little more when I get my second pension payment.

I also added $95 to the emergency fund. That is the amount I have in my old credit union savings account; might as well call it emergency money! It is not particularly accessible since it's in Indiana, but I might as well count it.

Today I am starting a liquid diet. I get a colonoscopy on Thursday. By rights I don't have to start the liquid diet till Wednesday, but I think the (ahem) purging process might be easier if I've been on liquids a few days.

Anyway, it will be fun to see the scale go down for a change!

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