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My cousin came home

April 27th, 2008 at 01:41 pm

My cousin has arrived back in North Carolina after spending the winter in Florida. She brought along her longtime friend, who will be here for 1-2 weeks. Between the two of them there are three more dogs added to the household, so things are a bit hectic.

When my cousin is here, she takes over the food expenses, so that takes that financial burden off me. When she's here, the refrigerator is full to bursting, and there is always talk of what the next meal is. So different from the way I live -- I try to use everything up, and I don't worry about what to eat next because I always know I can make something. So it's an adjustment. When she's here I have to work harder to try to control the waste because there is so much more food.

I may be driving her friend back to Indiana next week. Her plan was to get a plane ticket, but the prices are so high. Then she investigated renting a car, which is still high. My cousin suggested that I might drive her -- she would pay for the gas, and I would get to spend some time with my son and old friend. So I will probably do it.

Yesterday I set up a spreadsheet to record income streams -- of which I have very few right now. My categories are pension, surveys, consignment clothing, antiques booth, Amazon, writing, garage sales, credit card rebates, EBay, Craigslist, found money, and gifts. In most of these categories I am bringing in nothing, but I will try to change that. I may add it to my author info. All I have to record this month is my pension, $20 in surveys, a gift of $70 and a penny found in a parking lot.

1 Responses to “My cousin came home”

  1. luxlivingfrugalis Says:

    I love the spreadsheet idea!! Seeing one area sinking could inspire you to work harder in that area.

    If I was driving someone as a favor to another I'd be wanting someone to at least cover 1/2 of my food expenses on the road as well.

    You're awfully nice to drive them in my opinion! Great that perhaps you'll get to see your son.

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