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More for the dental fund

May 5th, 2008 at 12:21 pm

I just added $35 to my dental fund. I had an extra $10 in my checking account from rounding up cents to dollars. The other $25 is my automatic monthly transfer from check to savings.

I'm heading to Indiana on Wednesday -- as I've said before, I'm driving a friend and will be reimbursed for gas. It will be a chance for me to see friends and family. I have $300 extra in my budget this month and I am hoping there will be enough left after the trip to add more to the dental fund.

My eBay auction ends on Wednesday, so I will be taking the items along with me in case one of them sells! That wasn't very good planning! For what doesn't sell, I hope my sister-in-law will accept them to sell in her booth.

So far I haven't spent anything all month, but that will soon change!

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