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Catching up

May 16th, 2008 at 08:21 pm

I've been gone a few days -- had a nice trip to Indiana & Chicago -- to see my kids and some old friends. It was a pretty cheap trip, despite the high price of gas. Luckily I made it back before the 20c jump in the Midwest.

I've earned another $5 for a survey and $10 for placing in the blog contest, so that goes to the dental fund. Thanks to those who voted for my entry!

On Monday I get a tooth filled, so I'm glad to have that dental fund in place.

Had no luck at all with eBay -- will try again someday with cheaper items, but for now will concentrate on an upcoming garage sale.

My son found an apartment in Chicago -- $995 for one bedroom -- and he's very pleased. I understand it IS a good price for the market, and from the pictures it appears to be a very nice place, with new kitchen and bath, but nice old features like a fireplace (not working, but pretty) stained-glass window and built-in bookcases. Oh, and also a nice deck and yard space, which is unusual in Chicago. He's very excited, and so am I. Now both sons will be in Chicago, much easier for Mom to visit!

One nice financial coup while I was there -- two pairs of shoes from DSW for $15! Had a $50 coupon given to me, and I found two pairs on the discount rack, so it was quite the bargain. My sales slip said I saved $126!

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  1. sagegirl Says:

    Oh, shoe bargains!!! Gotta love them!!!

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