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May Spending

June 2nd, 2008 at 10:35 am

May was a somewhat unusual spending month for me. My biggest expense was:

Gifts - $278 - Two graduations and a check to my son to help with his moving expenses. I also bought a wireless mouse for my cousin.

I spent $217 on equipment -- mostly computer repair and a USB card.

I spent $214 on medical/health -- had a tooth filled, and visited the doc.

I spent $190 on vet/pet supplies -- Frontline Plus, kitty litter, new cat pan, cool padded cat house, cat food etc.

$104 on vacation -- mostly food, and the one tank of gas I used to go from Indiana to Chicago.

$56 -- car repair/maintenance. Oil change and a fancy car wash.

$42 -- gas

$35 -- clothing. Bras and shoes.

$26 -- fees/services. Mostly for AAA.

$18 -- entertainment. Netflix, art supplies.

$3 -- eating out. Just one run to McDonald's.

$2 -- miscellaneous.

Grand total -- $1206

I have started out June by paying that $645 bill for the colonoscopy. I talked to the insurance company (twice) and the GE Center, but neither will agree to a reduction. I guess I can console myself that I won't have to do it again for ten more years!

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