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Free Entertainment

June 4th, 2008 at 09:37 am

This morning we discovered a pair of Carolina wrens building a nest in a hanging basket on our deck. We can sit in the sunroom and watch them fly back forth, bringing twigs and leaves. The nest is really coming along fast!

This will slow down plans to powerwash and paint the deck. Now we'll have to wait till the young'uns leave the nest -- probably about a month from now. Till then, we have free entertainment.

Yesterday I installed an insert for my bedroom window that has a kitty door. I am training my cats to use that and not the one that goes to the patio -- if they go out on the patio, my cousin's dog is ready to "attack." (I put it in quotes because he is all noise and no action.) If they use the window, they go out into the side yard where the dogs have no access.

So far they are not thrilled with the new scheme. Firstly, I think, because it's not familiar, but also, it requires them to be a bit more athletic. I guess even cats avoid exercise if they can!

1 Responses to “Free Entertainment”

  1. koppur Says:

    My sis installed a kitty door in the door to their basement (unfurnished) where they put the litter box. her cat pooped and peed at the kitty door instead of using it until they moved the litter box upstairs.

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