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Just catching up

July 4th, 2008 at 03:24 pm

Yesterday was errand day, and I spent a little.

First stop was Pet Source. I bought kitty litter, cat food, and three doses of Frontline Plus for $73.

Next stop was Lowe's. I didn't spend anything, but my cousin bought some fencing and some kind of hose attachment for fertilizing.

Then Wal-Mart. My cousin bought groceries, and I bought a broom, laundry basket and personal items for $19.

On the income side, I received an $8 check from my retirement fund because of a miscalculation in interest.

In less than a week I am heading to Chicago to visit my sons. I think my cousin will come along as far as Indiana, so that will help with expenses. I think we will even use her car, since her mileage is so much lower than mine.

Today I'm going to do some kitchen stuff -- fry up a pound of bacon and make a pot of rice. We always keep those on hand. And I think I'll make some banana muffins to use up some very freckled bananas.

Laundry day, too. I'm so excited, I get to use my new laundry basket!

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