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Business is taking hold

August 24th, 2008 at 03:08 pm

My sister popped in yesterday and told me that some of our things in the booth have sold. We won't get the full account until September 1, but it's exciting to know we're not doing it for nothing.

We went garage saling on Friday and spent about $75 for more items to go in the booth. If everything we bought sells for the prices we've marked, they will bring in $327. Altogether we have more than $4,000 in inventory. I hope this pays off down the road! While garage saling I also found two sweaters for myself, some books and some gifts for rock-bottom prices.

In other news, I had to shell out $280 to the vet because my dog had a hot spot. He had to be sedated to be examined, and while he was out he had the spa treatment -- toenail clip and a good brushing. He's on steroids and antibiotics and seems to be doing better. He's a big dog and at age 14 I know I am lucky for every day I still have him around.

I took my car for an oil change and inspection -- and failed the inspection! My check engine light was on, which I ignore because it usually means the gas cap isn't tight enough. But this time it meant something -- I can't tell you what right now -- that will cost $200. I have to take it to the Toyota dealer on Monday, and just hope it gets fixed and passes inspection before the end of the month. I waited too long to get it inspected. Anyway, the oil change and inspection cost $52.

2 Responses to “Business is taking hold”

  1. Amber Says:

    Glad you were able to sell somethings, I hope it keeps up for you. I was told once by a mechanic who works for Toyota that it is very common for the check engine lights to come on and so far every Toyota that I have owned has had this problem. My last car the light was on for about 3 years...good luck

  2. Analise Says:

    Your business sounds like it will pay off and you will have fun, too. I admire your enterprising spirit.

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