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Month's End

August 31st, 2008 at 12:56 pm

My car is fixed and it passed inspection (with hardly a minute to spare). That cost me $297. I must say it is not very exciting to pay all that money to have a new air blah blah sensor.

I've done some more shopping for the booth -- about $25 at garage sales and a consignment shop. These and some more "found items" at home will add $327 to the inventory. I haven't made an exciting find yet ala Antiques Road Show, but I am find nice little items and it's a lot of fun.

My son called me yesterday to let me know they bought a new coffeemaker for their new condo. That is their official invitation for me to come visit, since I am a coffee drinker and they are not.

Although I can't really afford it, I may make the drive to Chicago in September, perhaps toward the end of the month. Bottom line is, I can't afford not to see my grandson as much as possible. And my kids, of course.

I did my month's end accounting today, as I don't plan to spend anything today. It's been a very expensive month.

Medical: $2041 -- two crowns and some OTC drugs.

Vet/Pet: $376 -- medical care for my dog, Frontline and cat food.

Business (new category): $365 -- items for booth, cost of fixtures, setup, etc.

Car Repair/Maintenance: $349 -- inspection and related repairs.

Entertainment: $54 (Netflix, books, historic house tour, football pool)

Gifts: $52 -- mostly small things, some garage sale, for future giving.

Cell phone: $45

Gas: $39

Furnishings/Equipment: $30 (two vintage pictures for my bedroom wall)

Personal: $17 (toiletries, etc.)

Eating Out: $16

Miscellaneous: $7

Clothing: $4 (2 sweaters and 2 turtlenecks at garage sales)

Household Supplies: $1 (clothespins)

A lot of this went on my Discover card, so my savings will be hit hard to pay for all this. Most of it couldn't be helped, so I will just mark it off to fate.

I AM pleased to be back in the garage sale habit, because I am finding great bargains in clothing, gifts etc., as well as building the business. It will all pay off down the line!

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  1. Analise Says:

    Sounds like you are finding some great bargains at the garage sales. I found one of my favorite fisherman knit sweaters at a local thrift shop for $15 (w/ price tag of $120 still on it). Good luck with your new business!

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