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Selling and spending

October 22nd, 2008 at 10:17 pm

This morning I sent off two books I sold on That makes four altogether. They are actually my sister's books, but I am having fun helping her. I am finding a much easier market to break than ebay.

Yesterday I combed a thrift shop and bought four books for $1. One I immediately put up for sale, the others I will read first. The one for sale is priced at $7, so it will be a good return if it sells.

I also found a bud vase and a Chinese spoon that I will put in the booth. Spent $2.50 on those items; they will probably be priced at about $7 or $8.

On the negative side, I blew $7 at McDonald's today. Left the house hungry -- that's always a mistake. But I got some more Monopoly pieces, which I will send to my son.

Yesterday I also got my hair cut ($12), and stocked up on pet supplies ($88). Tomorrow I go to the dentist, and that will be all I can spend this month.

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