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Here I am in Florida

February 15th, 2009 at 08:28 am

I made the trip down for less than $50 in gas. Once I arrived, my refund appeared in my bank account, so I paid $1900 to my credit card debt. I kept out some cash to pay for an oil change, a haircut, one meal out and $20 for garage sales.

I feel much better, but will be better still when I pay it off the cc debt entirely.

My plan tomorrow is to take some old coins and currency to be appraised and perhaps sold. They were handed down to me by my great aunt. I suspect a lot of it is worthless, but we'll see.

With the money I had left from the trip I already bought some stuff at garage sales. A Toby Jug, a whatnot box that looks like two stacked books, a step-basket, a commemorative plate, an ornament, two lamps, and three plate racks. Most will go in the booth. I also helped my sister buy a mesh tent that she will give to her granddaughters. All very good deals -- spent $35 altogether.

The booth is not doing well this month. We checked in before we left for Florida and found we had sold only two bowls for $3 each. There is still a half a month to go before we pay rent again, so I am hoping for the best.

1 Responses to “Here I am in Florida”

  1. Live Free Says:

    Glad you had a safe trip to Florida. The slow booth sales seem to be what everyone is saying. Nobody is spending money if they don't have to. Enjoy your vacation!

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