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Working on my sideline business

November 9th, 2009 at 02:17 pm

My intention this weekend was to label and package all the stuff I bought for my antiques booth this summer. I'm going to the Carolinas next week, so this is my chance to get that stuff on the shelves. What I DIDN'T intend to do was buy more -- but the weather was beautiful and people were having garage sales. I ran into one I thought was pretty good -- several boxes of 25c and 10c items. I found figurines, little pictures, a rosewood cross, a snack tray -- all kinds of stuff. Plus a wonderful iron wall hanging which I will keep (that was $4). Flushed with success, I hit another. This family was getting rid of their parents' stuff. OMIGOSH, what good deals. I bought a crystal decanter, crystal glasses, wooden peppermill, Delft ware, a Schnapps bottle, all for only $6. The decanter alone will sell for $60.

Then I went to Goodwill to donate some things, and I thought -- I'll just take a peek. Oh, great things. A Gorham plate (worth $50) a very cool wooden bill sorter, a Meakin calendar plate -- and a pink T-shirt for moi.

So I had even more stuff to process, and it took me a big chunk of the day on Sunday. I also had to polish some silver I had bought before, so I worked hard. It is mostly done -- a few things yet to be identified before I can label and box them.

I added about $1000 to the inventory. The booth will have a whole new look when I get in there next weekend!

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