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Bills and retirement and all that

November 12th, 2009 at 12:29 pm

A couple of finance-related things....

I got a bill from the oral surgeon who did some minor surgery this summer -- it was for a little more than $300 after insurance. I called the office because it was my understanding the procedure would be totally covered. They said they are still waiting for another insurer to kick in -- probably the dental. The odd thing was, I was little disappointed, because my immediate thought was -- something to use my FSA for!

I got my credit card bill, and sure enough, 0% interest has ended, and the rate is now 11.9%. I have the option of transferring to a 3.9% deal, but with a 3% transfer charge, it's all a wash. Especially since I will be paying it off soon. Having this interest tacked on will encourage me to pay it off especially soon!

I'm seeing a counselor from TIAA-CREF today. That is where my retirement account from my previous job is. I'm not invested currently, because I was out of the job market for two years. That's one of the things I'm going to discuss today. It seems to me that since I was in it for 20+ years that they could waive the rule. We'll see.

I also want to see how much of a penalty I would have to pay for withdrawing a large sum (say, to buy a house) and if it would be better to withdraw small sums without penalty and invest it myself.

Tomorrow is pay day!!! Can't wait to attack my bills!

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  1. Jerry Says:

    I hate the wait on insurance for things like that... it seems that so often they delay and delay to try to lead clients to give up on getting reimbursement. I hope that if you use your FSA on this that you are reimbursed very swiftly!

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