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Christmas shopping

December 4th, 2009 at 02:33 pm

I'm in the middle of Christmas shopping. I went the Amazon route and picked off the lists for my DIL and grandsons, and one of my sons. MY DIL is getting books, my older grandson is getting a little guitar, and the baby, who doesn't care, is getting a new outfit. My son, the daddy in the family, is harder to buy for. The only things on his list are board games (he loves intricate, creative board games -- even wants to design them). However, I just got him a game for his birthday, which was only last week, and I hate to give a similar gift again. My other son is getting a gizmo for his Playstation, which was on his list; however, his fiancee doesn't have a list. I really don't know what to get for her. I gave her vintage jewelry for her birthday. In the past, I've given her cookbooks and a crystal vase. I'm running out of ideas.

Any ideas from you twenty-thirty somethings out there?

Anyway, I've spent about $160 so far (I'm budgeting $40 per person.) All on Discover card. If I find I can't pay my Discover card in full I will use the EF.

On the 16th I'm going to a family holiday breakfast which will include my ex and his wife. I wonder whether I should have some gift on hand in case they give me one? I know they are planning on giving the kids their gifts at that time, as they will be in Florida for the holiday.

I know what I will give my sister. I'm going to reimburse her for the $60 she spent to check one bag on USAir. She is always out of money; I think it will be the best gift for her.

I usually don't exchange gifts with my cousin, but I have learned that she is having someone finish a quilt my mother started. So I need to get something nice for her. I also have a good friend who always gets a little something -- that won't be hard; she is easy to buy for and only expects a small gift.

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  1. financeaholic Says:

    sudoku books! i got addicted over my thanksgiving vacation and will be asking my family for some for christmas! great for the creative types in the family, and not to mention cheap.

  2. HouseHopeful Says:

    For your son's fiancee, I'd agree with soduku. Or board games. Apples to Apples is really fun. If she's a social person, its a great group game for a party.

    Also, if she's a music or book lover, gift cards to Boarders or Amazon are always good.

    Jewelry is nice, there are plenty of unique items on Etsy. I always appreciate snuggly blankets or pjs.

    Hope that helps. And I STRONGLY suggest the Apples to Apples if she's social. Its really a fun game Smile

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