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She's alive!

December 11th, 2009 at 02:04 pm

My favorite of the feral cats showed up at my patio this morning for food. I was almost ready to leave for work and feeling down because none of the cats had appeared -- then there she was! Hopefully the others are okay, too.

I did get a shelter yesterday -- I ended up buying a big covered litter box which I wrapped in foam rubber. I filled it with wood shavings (the kind used in hamster cages) and put a heating pad under the shavings. It is a pad especially made for warming up a pet's bed, and it draws about the same electricity as a nightlight. Because it has to plug in, I had to position the whole contraption very close to my patio window. Unfortunately it doesn't look like anyone has used it, but then, it's hard to tell. It gives me peace of mind, at least, to know that it's there if a kitty is desperate. The whole thing cost me $77 to assemble.

The weather warmed up just enough yesterday so that my car windows and doors were working again, so I went to the bank and got gas. Gas was $22. I didn't completely fill the tank, because the wind was cutting through me, so at a certain point I said to myself, enough! I will try to keep the gas level above a half-tank, always, in this weather.

I went to a Christmas party last night -- a work gathering. The house of the hostess was amazing -- very large -- large enough to comfortably house 17 Christmas trees in various sizes! I wasn't particularly envious, though. What a lot of house to manage!

I took a homemade macaroni salad, which was a hit -- and a very economical side dish to make! In exchange got a wonderful supper, and good fellowship with my work crew, who are a good bunch of people.

So all in all, despite the excessive cold, a very good day yesterday!

9 Responses to “She's alive!”

  1. DeniseNTexas Says:

    Sounds like a productive day for you yesterday. Did the hostess actually have 17 trees in the house or is the house just large enough for them???

  2. gamecock43 Says:

    I am glad that 1 kitty is ok. Sounds like a nice house for them.

  3. CB in the City Says:

    She actually had 17 trees scattered throughout the house, all decorated, most with themes -- Disney, Rudolph, Santa, sports etc. Pretty amazing!

  4. Broken Arrow Says:

    That's so nice of you!

  5. househopeful Says:

    I'm glad you're taking care of the kitties. I would worry about them too. My littlest guy was found in the field behind my house, in the pouring rain in early March. I still shudder to think what could have happened to him.

  6. frugaltexan Says:

    It sounds like you came up with a good spot for the kitties. I'm glad the one came back, hopefully the others will show soon.

  7. DeniseNTexas Says:

    I can't handle one tree, much less 17! But its good you have a warm bed for the kittehs, if any of them want or ned it. Househopeful, my mom has a cat named Stormy - they found him in the rain, a tiny little kitten, shivering on the side of the road, all hungry and wet. He's now a rotten boy and very well cared for. Smile

  8. patientsaver Says:

    Thank you for taking care of the cats. Luther and Waldo approve.

  9. Jerry Says:

    You have a good heart to look out for the cats like that. There are a ton of feral animals in the city where we live right now, and we are feeding a couple of the dogs regularly. I can't imagine having a house with 17 trees! It would lead to too much maintenance, and how can you get a sense of coziness in a place that big? I'd rather have a smaller place and put my money into having land around it, or into a retirement annuity or savings or something. Still, if that's what they like, and they can afford it? More power to them.

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