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December 19th, 2009 at 08:17 pm

Had a pre-Christmas celebration last night -- my ex is going to Florida for the holidays, so he and his wife stopped by to exchange gifts with my kids. Since I'm staying here, I was part of party. It was fine, actually quite fun. Also nice to get a preview of what my kids were given -- luckily I didn't buy any duplicates.

My ankle continues to feel better. Now my worry is whether I will connect with my doctor. Neither number I was given goes through -- one is disconnected -- the other is for the Institute of Bones & Joints, which I guess is closed for the weekend. I'll have to try again on Monday. I am hoping to coordinate the visit with going home, because getting out of the house isn't going to be any easy task.

I canceled AT&T today. Of course I had to go through the hand-wringing WHY???? conversation. I wish they had paid as much attention when I was a customer. AT&T turned me off (not for the first or last time) when they refused to honor a rebate for a phone their own rep had pushed on me.

My prepaid minutes are going pretty fast, and I hope I have made a good financial decision here. I'm not much of a phone talker, so I think it will work.

Don't yet have any sense of how this accident will impact me financially. I was told I owed a $100 co-pay when I was in the emergency room, but no one ever wanted to take it. I guess they'll catch up with me.

Ironically, the reserve in my FSA account is no longer a worry!

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