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Another day on my back

December 20th, 2009 at 08:06 pm

This morning I put $50 on my prepaid phone. It was a bit of a struggle figuring it out, especially since I had bought a prepaid card that I thought would go onto phone as minutes. No, it is simply a prepaid card, to use for making calls from any phone. I don't know why the clerk had me buy it. I arranged to have $50 charged to my Discover card whenever the balance in the phone drops below $5. This was my accomplishment of the day.

I got a visit from my son and grandson, and my cousin from Texas called. My son and I played sort of a "Name That Song" game, while my grandson watched Spongebob and Mickey and circled the candy jar and the not-to-be-touched guitar in hopes that we were not watching too closely. I had a good conversation with my cousin, whom I haven't spoken to since this summer. His wife, who is the breadwinner (he is retired) survived the layoffs at Shell and is now in a position where she will travel less. He didn't exactly say it was a downgrade, but I had the feeling they were feeling lucky to still have an income.

Had a smoothie for breakfast and a leftover chicken thigh for lunch. My appetite is still much reduced. I hope I can segue into a healthier, lighter diet than I had been indulging in before the fall. I may yet be able to get a good-looking dress (to put on an okay-looking body) for my son's wedding.

Speaking of weddings, my son's fiancee just returned from a scouting trip for a chapel. Looks like she might have found the right place, a non-denominational church -- white, with a steeple, very classic. It's in the suburb where she grew up. My son hasn't seen it yet, but I have a feeling this is the one.

Now, time for more rest!

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