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What I spent in 2009

January 2nd, 2010 at 12:40 pm

My biggest expense -- no surprise -- rent. $9874, or $823 a month. I actually pay $1090 a month, but didn't move in till May.

Next: Moving expenses. $4931

Next: Medical/health-related expenses. $2579, or $215 a month. This doesn't even count what my broken ankle will cost. Nor does it count the premium that is subtracted from my paycheck.

Next: Furniture & equipment: $1786 or $149 a month. I think most of this was for things I needed after my move.

Next: Utilities: $1738, or $145 per month. This is low, because I didn't pay utilities until May except for my phone.

Next: Groceries: $1306 or $109 per month. I didn't know I had done so well in this category!

Next: Vacation/Travel: $1150, or $96 per month. This includes a road trip to Florida last winter, several short trips to Michigan, and conferences in Boston and Charleston, SC. Much of the conference expense was reimbursed; I only included what I paid out of pocket.

Next: Gifts: $1042 or $87 per month. Birthdays, Christmas, charity. Lower than usual -- I bought cheaper gifts this year.

Next: Car Repair/Maintenance: $1033 or $86 per month. Two fender benders; one I paid repairs on out of pocket. Also includes car washes, oil changes, and brake work.

Next: Household Supplies: $780 or $65 per month. These are non-food items like paper towels, etc.

Next: Fees/Services: $590 or $49 per month. Tax fees, fines, a slew of new licenses because of changing residence, professional fees.

Next: Vet/Pet Supplies: $572 or $48 per month. Includes cat food & kitty litter for my own two kitties as well as supplies/housing for the feral cats.

Next: Insurance: $568 or $47 per month. Mostly car insurance; I didn't get renter's insurance till November.

Next: Eating Out: $560 or $47 per month.

Next: Business: $513 or $43 per month. Includes any rent not covered by sales and purchases for the antique booth I run along with my sister. I personally made $432 on the booth so my net expenditure is really $81. Obviously, this is a hobby, not an income stream (but there's always hope!)

Next: Clothing: $465 or $39 per month. This includes some purchases for my new job, so this is pretty good.

Next: Gas: $372 or $31 per month. My short commute to work helps out a lot here.

Next: Entertainment: $301 or $25 per month. Movies, book purchases, outings with the grandkids, the occasional concert or play.

Next: Personal: $159 or $13 per month. Haircuts, grooming supplies.

Last: Miscellaneous: $117 or $10 per month. Whatever didn't fit in the other categories.

Altogether I spent $30,436. Since I lost my previous records in a computer crash I have nothing to compare to.

Next year I will probably have a moving expense again, but it should be much less since I will do it myself with my kids' help. I hope to keep my rent at the same rate or a little lower. Everything else there is room for a little improvement -- except for groceries -- I don't think I can do much better than that. My gifts this coming year will unquestionably be higher -- there will be a $1000 gift to my son for his wedding, and I plan to give better Christmas gifts. I felt bad being the "cheapie" this year, even though I know my family understood.

A good exercise! I like to do this every year!

1 Responses to “What I spent in 2009”

  1. Apprentice Bliss Hunter Says:

    That's pretty impressive - you're right the groceries figure looks really good.

    I too lost a lot of my historical budgets in a computer crash.. have since started backing up onto a USB drive.. a cheap lesson learnt I guess.

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