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Top Ten Events This Year

January 7th, 2010 at 07:36 am

I think someone else did this already -- all the news recaps of the year just ended made me think about the biggest events in MY life this past year -- some are finance-related, some not.

1. I unretired and took a job in Chicago, moving away from North Carolina.

2. Before the above event, I temporarily lost my health insurance because of higher premiums and lower retirement payouts.

3. I welcomed a new grandson in September.

4. My son became engaged to a fabulous girl in October.

5. I also welcomed two new great-nephews into the world.

6. I broke my ankle.

7. I had two other surgeries, these minor: had a dupuythen removed from my finger, and was biopsied for lesions in the mouth (all ok).

8. I lost my ex-mother-in-law to a sudden stroke.

9. I attended two way-fun conferences -- one in Boston, one in Charleston, SC., and in the process met up with some old friends.

10. I got to spend both Christmas and Thanksgiving with both my children -- unusual because I rarely get them both for both holidays.

So it's been a tumultuous year, both good and bad. Hope this year is a bit calmer!

In other news, I finally took my first shower with my new shower stool, and do I ever feel good!

1 Responses to “Top Ten Events This Year”

  1. miz pat Says:

    Wow - I'm glad the shower stool is useful!!!

    Its wonderful you got to spend so much time with the children and got to welcome a new Grandchild. That rocks - God Bless!

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